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ZeroRisk PCI Portal for MPA's

MPA's (Merchant Portfolio Authorities) can be Acquiring Banks, eMoney Institutions, PSPs, Franchisers, Large Merchants, Payment Processors and any other entity responsible for a Merchants' Portfolio's PCI Compliance.

Group Merchants in hierarchies and segments

Segment Merchants and assign them tasks

Reduce complexity by making it easier to manage your Merchants Portfolio and tasks management. Create your own segments, deploy targeted actions, monitor your Merchants, your way.

Communicate with your Merchant Portfolio

Communicate with your Merchants Portfolio

Whether it is news, training, alerts, offers or simple reminders, you can reach your merchants at the touch of a button! Help your Merchants understand their tasks, deadlines, risks and benefits.

Maximise your revenue by keeping costs down

Manage risks to keep your costs down

ZeroRisk PCI Portal is a cost effective solution to keep the risks coming from your Merchants under control. This will positively impact your budget and maximize your revenue.

Run, download and share reports with others

Run, download and share reports with others

Allow your Merchants to report their PCI DSS Compliance to more than one acquirer or processor at the same time. Run personalized reports to have a full overview of your risks.

Generate reports for the Card Brands instantaneously

Inform Card Brands instantaneously

Make sure that Card Brands can stay updated about the status of your Merchant Portfolio's PCI Compliance to easily assess the security of your organization.


More features in ZeroRisk PCI Portal for MPA's

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Help your Merchants Portfolio to manage their PCI Compliance easily, independently and in a cost effective way.


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