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Secure. Test. Comply.

Secure your applications by design, test your security to minimize the impact of vulnerabilities and threats, comply with security standards to protect your business and your customers' data.

Secure your Software Development

Bring Security into your Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC).
Reduce costs by optimizing the way you use your resources. Securing your applications after they have been developed would be much more expensive.

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Test your business Security Level

Test the status of your security to discover vulnerabilities that could affect your business. This is the only way to fix them before cyber criminals come around. Cyber attacks and breaches can cause a loss of money and bad reputation.

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Comply with Security Standards

Achieve and maintain compliance, make sure you are in control and can monitor it. Identify and reduce your risks while reassuring your clients and stakeholders. Avoid the costs related to data loss, stay in control of your risks.

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Achieve PCI Compliance easily
with ZeroRisk PCI Portal

The PCI Compliance Management Portal for Merchants, Vendors, Traders and Merchant Portfolio Authorities (Acquiring Banks, eMoney Institutions, Payment Service Providers, Franchisers, Large Merchants, Payment Aggregators, Payment Processors, Master Merchants and more)


Are you a Merchant, a Retailer or a Service Provider? Then ZeroRisk PCI Portal for Merchant is the solution you are looking for. In case you are an MPA instead, take a look at ZeroRisk PCI Portal for MPA's and discover how to manage your Merchant Portfolio.


ZeroRisk PCI Portal
for Merchants

Easily select and complete the correct PCI SAQ

Earn customer trust with the ZeroRisk Trust Guard

Discover vunerabilities by executing ASV Scans

Take control of your PCI Compliance

Benefit from an intuitive and cost effective solution



ZeroRisk PCI Portal
for MPA's
Group Merchants in hierarchies and segments

Maximise your revenue by keeping costs down

Communicate with your Merchant Portfolio

Run, download and share reports with others

Generate reports for Card Brands instantaneously



Compliance is not a one-off task!

Discover how ZeroRisk PCI Portal
will help you manage your PCI DSS Compliance independently.

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Monitor card-reading devices and terminals with ZeroRisk PINpoint

Comply with PCI DSS Requirement 9.9 using an intuitive and effective mobile solution. Manage multiple card-reading devices and terminals in one place.


Do you know that in order to achieve and maintain PCI DSS Compliance you are required to monitor the security of your card-reading devices and terminals? Discover how to do it with ZeroRisk PINpoint. 

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We could not have been happier with the
service NTT Security provides to Basefarm
and their support in keeping our customers
and Basefarm secure and compliant.

Sten Morgan Evensen
Department Manager Service Delivery

Proactive, flexible and cost effective,
the NTT Security Team delivers what
hey promise with the added value of a
friendly way of communicating.

Nikolaj Goranin

With years of cooperation
NTT Security keeps proving their
value and quality of service.
Responsive, competent, and thorough.

Ivars Krampis

NTT Security experts are
reliable professionals who have
provided valuable advice taking
into account our business specifics.

Andrej Maksimovic
IT Department Director
UAB Eurovaistine

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